The environment becomes ever more elusive to us by our own design. 

Encompassing our cities and countries viciously but silently, an avalanche of daily waste grimly looms upon the future of our lives like a deathly veil. 

Soon, we will be severed from the beauty of our surroundings.

Together with NoWasteUkraine, we begin our #ECOSTRUM environmental initiative with a release of the music video to the track Strum.

What is the issue we are facing with?

Nata Zhyzhchenko, Eugene Filatov, Alan Badoev, Eugenia Aratovska and Valeriya Levitska – about the initiative

Joining the initiative is easy: you can contribute with something as small as simply share or view the Strum video.

Every single view and share of ONUKA’s video means that the monetization royalties from watching it will be transferred to support the operation of new waste sorting facilities.  

about nowaste

The NoWasteUkraine public project strives to enhance environmental conditions by engaging the local community in waste sorting. Such actions will decrease the strain on landfill sites and will encourage the development of a recycling market in Ukraine. 

At present, the vectors of activity reach beyond simply improving environmental conditions; they also act to make a difference in areas related to urban air and the quality of drinking water & natural water systems etc.

Want to help?

You can support the project in 2 ways:

1. Donate directly into the organization account

You can go to one of the links listed below

  • The main page of the band
  • The site of the public project «Ukraine without garbage»